Weather musings…

On my way down to the boatyard this morning, I started considering the weather.  Today was a misty 58F, not too bad for this time of year.   Before Wednesday’s cold front, we’d enjoyed amazingly warm temperatures, even for Florida.  67F at 6a.m.?  Yes, ma’m!

Consider all the northern crews who already yanked out their docks and are confined to tanks and ergs for the next few months.  The lucky ones will do some winter training on our waters somewhere.  How lucky are we that we row all year around?   Maybe one year I’ll be able to pull off a Christmas row.  I know some of our club goes out, but Alan and I don’t stay in Sarasota for Christmas.

The problem with our weather is how finicky it is.  It’s most stable in the winter, but in the last two weeks our morning rows have been whited out because of thick fog.   I witnessed a marker literally vanish into the mist rolling in before my eyes while sitting still on the water.   Cold fronts are predictable and we know when not to row because of the wind or rain.

Summer is a whole new story.   One moment, the skies are blue and sunny, and not thirty minutes later a quarter-mile wide torrential downpour creates whiteout conditions, and pop!  Fifteen minutes later, it’s over, like it never existed, except for the steaming asphalt as a reminder.   Storms can and will appear morning, afternoon, and evening.  Some will pop up and go, others linger and zap away all afternoon.   Others hover, others zip through or wander around.  It’s impossible!

Nationals is in August, prime thunderstorm season, AND the start of hurricane’s peak season.   Most hurricanes form in August and September.  Hurricane Andrew?  August.  The year with the four hurricanes (Charley, Francis, Jeanne, Ivan)?  August/September.   I can’t imagine putting in all these early mornings and work to have Nationals cancelled due to severe weather.


This week in training…

  • On the way to work after Wednesday’s row, I started eating a banana.   Four bites in and my stomach started feeling terrible.  I thought maybe I’d rowed myself sick, which has happened before.   I ended up missing Mr. Beery’s 5k to eat soup and down ginger ale. Thursday wasn’t any better.  Then Alan became ill.   It sucks to be bitten with a stomach bug.   I did force myself to erg, but I didn’t get any runs in this week and had a weightlifting session cut short. Correction–I did manage a ten-minute jog that ended back at the bathroom.  😦
  • Thursday’s erg was a 2×2000 with 7 minute between.  On the first piece I rowed a 8:14.7, for a new spilt of 2:03.6  not bad for a sick girl.
  • Another rower showed me this warm-up plan for 2ks.  He said his spilt dropped 13 seconds after using it.   It’s very interesting and I plan to try it out sometime.
  • Christmas is coming!  I won’t be able to row while away, so I’ll have to run.   Looking forward to it.

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