Hell hath no fury…

…like an 8 x 500m erg workout.

I’ll admit I complained a bit and said, “can’t it be six for the first one?  Built it up two every week?”   But I sucked it up and did it.

For all the non-rowers out there, a 500m erg isn’t just any workout on a rowing machine. It’s as hard as you can push for 500 meters.   Keep in mind one lap around a track is roughly 400 meters, or a quarter-mile, so this is just past a quarter-mile run.  Multiply that by eight times with only two minutes “active rest” in between.    The lactic acid burn is more intense than a high noon July stroll across the Death Valley salt flats.

The alarm strummed at 4:59 a.m. and I rolled out to a light dusting of fog this morning.   Holly and I decided, after checking the weather forecast (quarter-mile visibility), to play it safe and skip doubles this morning.   In exchange, we faced the dreaded 8 x 500.  And, I could only be two seconds up from my 2k spilt time, meaning a 2:06, on each 500-piece!  Yikes!

Besides managing to not regurgitate my insides, I pulled well on all the pieces.  The first four were all 1:59 and under, starting at a 1:57 average and slowly inching up.  Number five was a 2:00 even.  By then, I had to jump off the erg and walk outside in the cool twilight air.  My legs quivered with each step, but I had to stand up for a bit.   Number six tanked hard.  It’s gross, but phlegm caught in my throat and I lost my breathing rhythm.  My spilt jumped to a 2:11 and I spent 75 meters inching it back down.  It finished out at a 2:01.  Seven was worse and ended at a 2:02.   For magic 8, I decided to lay it all out.  Instead of taking a high 15, I did a flying start followed by a high 20.   The piece ended with me sucking wind, a well-done legs, and a 1:57 spilt.

Rower, torture does have a name, and it is the repeated 500m- spilt.  Coming soon: 10 x 500!  Merry Christmas to me!

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1 Response to Hell hath no fury…

  1. Hubby says:

    10×500? You are dedicated!!!

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