The next phase of training officially began for me this week, with Turkey Day well-digested.   I’m excited about where I will be physically in February.  In true educator form, I have created an acronym for this phase:  2R-EW.

Run, row, erg, weights.

The aim is to hit two of the above each week: two runs, two rows, two ergs, and two weight sessions.  I know this will be a challenge and will mean many sacrifices (oh, sleeping in, I miss you already…) of myself and Alan.

To assist with the 2REW plan, I finally found an erg machine!   It’s a Concept 2 Model C with a PM 2 monitor, but she’s in good shape with a decent chain still.  I spent a little time over the weekend spit-shining the rail and vacuuming dust from the flywheel.   Chain oil has been shipped and should arrive tomorrow.    I popped on this morning for a piece and eight minutes in the batteries died.  Whoops!   The rail was a bit bumpy again so I need to take a look at the wheels, but I think it’s just grit stuck to it.   I feel like a redneck showing off their new Ford-150, but it’s just an erg machine.  😉

Yesterday I signed up for the “Y” to have access to their weights and facilities.    The tour guide had me at “and there’s our hot tub over there.”   Instantly I remembered all those tough, fast sessions on the water and I was sold.  What better than to sit and relax away after a Saturday row?

I’m looking forward to the “Y” for other reasons, too.  I want to give TRX a shot, and knock a triathlon off my bucket list this year.   Pool access and spinning class, here I come!   And did they say the offer massages?  Yeah, baby!

I want to try and start increasing my running mileage at least once a week.  Alan and I went to Lido Beach on Sunday to run the sidewalk.  He pushed out an 8k and I lumbered along to an easy 6k.   It’s a good start, I think, and can only make me faster in the long run.

In short, many training developments, along with new goals and a new training regime.  Here’s to 2REW!

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