Legs on fire

I think a 2k test is more challenging and difficult than the Hooch!

The past few months have held many “firsts” and now I’ve just completed my first 2000-meter erg test.    At the end of racing the W8+ in Tennessee, my heart pounded into my head creating a screaming headache.  I couldn’t catch my breath.

At the end of this 2k, I threw the handle back up to the slot and stumbled out of the gym into the clear morning air.  It was maybe 12 steps and I couldn’t go any farther.  I collapsed down on the cement steps and sucked in the cold humidity.   My legs trembled like an earthquake and my side ached as though I’d been stabbed.    I knew had to walk, but boy,  it was tough.  I couldn’t catch by breath.

I had to go back in to get my scores before the screen flashed off, but after standing in the frigid air, the gym baked with testosterone and sweat.   I could only stand it long enough to sit down and snap a photo of my score before I had to return outside to walk it out.

2k erg results Nov. 19


Even now my throat and legs burn equally.  I’ll be stretching out later today.

It was tough–like climbing Mt. Everest in a bathing suit during a blizzard tough.

The first 500m spilt went well.  I came out of the start at a 1:53 spilt.  I was under 2:00 by the first 500m.   The second 500m I tried to settle it.  My spilt came up to 2:00 and wavered up and down a bit.  My quads hurt, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

When 800 to go rolled up, I smacked a massive wall.   My quads turned into half-frozen jello and my breathing rhythm died as I tried to get ahold of any oxygen I could.   My splits and rating started doing jumping jacks–2:00, 2:11, 2:05, 2:07 and 32, 26, 31, 28.   I pulled out the big guns and went to war with the erg machine.  I had to tell myself, “you already did 1k, what’s another 1k?”    The push to that last 500 was the longest bit of rowing I’d ever done.  Seeing the 500 roll up the screen was a small relief.   I could finish it, but everything hurt.  I tried inching the rating and power up and the spilt down.  At 250 to go I told myself it was nothing–finish hard!   I finally managed to get the numbers to dance with the 1:58, 1:55–just enough to finish well.

I told myself before that a 2:05 spilt was probably what I could pull off and I did a 2:04.5 .   Not too shabby, I think.

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