Backwards slide

Granted, we weren’t testing but working out in place of water time (poor weather,) but my 20 minute pieces sucked.

Randy wanted us to work on jamming with the legs at the beginning so our power graphs looked more like mesas than haystacks.   I tried by best at a 22, but it looked mostly like a flat-topped haystack.

I stayed up with Karen, the most fit person in our boat, for a good while but in the 26 piece I started feeling rough.  My power was inconsistent despite my best effort.  I didn’t want to ease off, but boy, did I struggle.    Then I thought we were dropping to a 22 and not a 24, so that messed up my power application.

After the piece, the clubhouse felt warmer than a sauna in hell, so I jumped outside to walk in the sprinkling rain.  Unfortunately it was just as humid.   By the time I came back in and sat down, I had begun to feel nauseous.   By back felt okay, but my stomach roiled.   I had to ease off the power in the beginning significantly.   I nearly quit at 7 minutes into the second piece.   However, even with lower power, I didn’t want to stop.    I felt a little better around 12 minutes, which was into the 26 minutes, so I added back a little more power, but not too much.   The result was a crappy piece 8 seconds slower and 300 meters shorter.

And I felt off all day.   Nausea on and off all day.  I had to sit in the middle of the day during my classes.   Bleh.  I’m just hoping I didn’t catch a stomach bug and I’ll wake up tomorrow fresh and healthy.

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