What sacrifices are you willing to make for your dream?

When you choose to take on a task, something else must give.   We have only twenty-four hours in a day.   Sleep for maybe six or seven of those hours, spend one hour driving to work, an hour and a half eating, and then what?  Work?   Eight hours, depending on your job?   Right there seventeen hours are gone.  Maybe you have five hours for “you time.”  That doesn’t count the time spent getting ready for work in the morning or taking care of the necessities–grocery shopping, gas, walking the done.

As a young kid, my Mom chose to go back to school.   The cost?  Less time with her children.    My Dad chose to work overtime to help pay the bills.  Same cost, more stress.

I know other people that want to be the best teacher possible.  Sacrifice?  Family, time, energy, health.  I know plenty of teachers slogging away until midnight or later, or waking up a 4 or 5 am, trying to keep their heads above the water.

My goal is just to row better than I have before.  I want to be more competitive.  But what is the cost?   What sacrifices am I willing to make, and have made so far?

  • No more sleeping in.  “6:45” is now an awesome number.  Oh, the days where I could lie in bed till 10 a.m.   Speaking of lying in bed…
  • Morning cuddle time with my honey.  Definitely a big miss!
  • Less television, especially at night.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but Alan likes to watch the shows the day they show.
  • Less time for grading, lesson planning, resource creation.
  • Rinsing off in a hose before going to work.
  • Rowing in the dark.
  • Spaghetti hands.  Very sexy.  Just ask Alan.
  • A perpetual state of exhaustion.
  • No more time for writing.

What sacrifices are you willing to make for your goals?

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I write; I row.
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