What’s the best treatment for hamburger meat?

I love vacations!  How nice to do what you want when you want, and most of all–eat all the fried green tomatoes you want!   What’s a vacation without fried green tomatoes?

The worst part is coming back to rowing.   And it’s not the actual rowing that’s the “worst part.”   Getting time back on the water during a gorgeous pink-hued sunset was amazing! I even enjoyed feeling all those muscles syncing back up and returning to work.   Sometimes being a little sore is a great feeling.   No, no, none of that is it.

It’s the hamburger meat.   Blisters are for sissies.  No, real rowers have pieces of their flesh peeling off on the oars while they’re plowing through the water.     If you do it long enough, your hands become thick like baseball mitts.

But then you go on vacation.   Your hands get soft.  The calluses begin to peel off to expose the baby pink soft skin hiding another all that leather.   Your students go, “what you are doing?” when you try to cut skin tags off your hands.

The amount of fresh blisters, closed and broken open and oozing, are uncountable tonight.  All I know is a)Alan had to peel my shirt off because my hands are too tender, and, b) I had to use lukewarm water and no soap in the shower tonight and I cupped my hands gently to ease the burning, and c)turning on the lamp hurt my fingers because of the blisters.

Any suggestions for easing blisters would be greatly appreciated!

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