Ran my first 5k

Tonight, after a few days dropped from Tropical Storm Isaac, I ran my first official 5k.  No stops!    Time: 32:30.    After yesterday’s mockery of a run, tonight my legs felt in good form and my breathing pretty steady.    Still hotter than sunset on Mercury, but the breeze helped cool off the first half of the run.

I seem to be developing an issue along my lower, outer right leg.   It tightens up until it’s too painful to run.

We rowed this morning.  The shrinking days suck; not only because it’s a reminder of the doom of winter but also because we were launching with the faintest crack of light.   The county “fixed” the boat ramp but didn’t pack it down.  Pushing a motor chassis through sugar sand is not my idea of early morning fun.  (Granted, neither is waking up at 5:30.)  Plus they felt these invisible pot holes at the end; walking the boat in was dangerous stuff.   However, the dolphins were happy this morning–either they were chasing fish or “frolicking.”  🙂

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